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Our processing plant consists of a Clipper mill 2958D, four screen, 90 sq feet in area, followed by an Oliver 240 gravity separator. Treatment is applied by a Gustafson SS100SS film coater. The plant has Aget dust control equipment, and packaging by Taylor and Fischbein. Professionally designed and rated for 15,000 lbs per hour fine cleaning, it is operated at one half this speed.

This is the discharge end of our gravity separator. Often half of the processing is done on this machine. After the seed is sized and aspirated, the gravity sorts kernals by their weight, or specific gravity. With this machine, certain weed seeds, shrunken kernels, diseased seed, and internally cracked seed are removed. This machine can raise the germination level of troubled seed lots by as much as 20%.


This is one of the last new Clipper "woodies" being lowered into place. The lifting cable is under warranty.

That's Tom "forklirt" Taylor guiding the mill into place.

Raw seed from storage

Filling of bulk seed bags.

Palletized seed ready for our customers.

Rodent control personel, "off duty"


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