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This is our original seedhouse, outfitted in 1916 with an A T Ferrel Model 2 mill. This was a common local setup at the time, powered by gas engine and lineshaft drive. Output of 30 bushels, or 15 bags per hour of wheat, oats, rye, barley, and open pollinated corn seed. Electric lighting later supplied by a 32V Delco generator.

Our first seed treater, installed in 1918. This new machine became a necessity to control smut and bunt in wheat and oats, which in some years could ruin an entire crop.

In 1927, The Michigan Crop Improvement Association was organized to facilitate the production, distribution, and testing of new university developed varieties.

In 1936, Michigan's first field of hybrid corn was planted in the field behind our seed plant. Represented were varieties from the universities and from the Roberts family, founders of Dekalb. Widespread interest in "something new."

A tornado in 1938 caused considerable damage to many farms in the area. Quite a mess to clean up. Several barns and outbuildings were destroyed in the township.

Original MCIA Indian Logo, from 1955.

Harvest of Certified Harosoy Soybeans, 1968.

All 4 All 4

Arthur seed wheat ready for market. Left to right, Noel, Elsie, Felix, and Bob Johnson, August 1968.

August 1970....Last filling of the 90 lb burlap bags.

Spring of 1971. First load packaged in the new 60 lb. paper bags.

August 1972, State Farm Managment tour. Free ice cream always draws a crowd.

Foundation Corsoy production field, August 1975.

August 1979. A truckload of Abe wheat ready for delivery.


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