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Conventional Soybean Seed
  Conventional soybean varieties retain a percentage of the planted acre base due to their lower seeding cost and premiums paid for them. Our conventionals are of current breeding and perform as well if not better than the currently available glyposate tolerant soybeans. Some elevators are offering non-GMO premiums for these varieties. Our non-GMO varieties have been lab tested for freedom from GMO.  

WS 2702 Conventional
A good mid group II variety that can also be followed with wheat. Moderate resistance to BSR and white mold. A medium height bush type plant with phytopthora tolerance to all races. This was our best yielding variety in '16, scaling 64 bu/acre sown in June. Normally a good standing plant. Excellent emergence rating, tan pods at harvest. Smaller seeded at 3,343 seeds/lb. $19.75 per 50 lb unit. This is an excellent seed buy at 167K seeds per unit.


Bio Gene Roundup Ready and Xtend varieties are sold in pricing units of 140,000 seeds per unit. The seed is packaged in 1 unit bags and 40 unit bulk bags. Like seed corn at 80,000 per unit, your seeding cost per acre will remain the same whether the seed is 2,000 or 4,000 seeds per pound. For 30" row planting, one unit per acre is a good population goal. For drilling at 190,000 seeds per acre, 1.36 units per acre is required.

BG 7230 RR2Y
New in '17, our BG 7230 RR2Y is a top yielder in the early group 2 category. Maturity rated as a 2.3, this bean is taller and bushier than our previous BG 7220. Rated 8/10 for standability, 8/10 for emergence, 7.5 for SDS tolerance and 8.5 for brown stem rot resistance. It has the Rps1K phytopthora gene and SCN resistance to race 3 and 14. 2,880 seeds per pound, 48.7 lbs/unit. $41.50 per 140,000 seed unit.

BG 8270 RR2X
New in 2017. The 8270 RR2X has the Xtend technology for spraying with both glyphosate and dicamba and has been approved for growing in Ohio and Michigan. 2.7 relative maturity. Contains the rps1C phytopthora gene for multi-strain resistance and the race 3,14 cyst nematode gene. A medium semi-bush plant with brown pods and grey pubescence. Rated 8/10 for standability and emergence. 2,698 seeds/lb, 51.9 lbs per unit. $48.00 per 140,000 seed unit. For full information on the Xtend system, see here: http://www.roundupreadyxtend.com/Pages/default.aspx

BG 7291 RR2Y
Our full-season BG 7291 RR2Y is rated at 2.9 maturity and will usually be the highest yielder if you wait for it. Highly rated at 9/10 for emergence, 8 for standability, 8.5 for SDS tolerance and 8 for phytopthora field tolerance. Two sources of SCN resistance for HR1, R3 and MR14. 2,812 seeds per pound or 49.8 lbs per unit. $41.50 per 140,000 seed unit.

Liberty Link soybean from MCIA doing very well in the Michigan Yield Trials. This is an earlier 2.3 maturity bean with light tawny stems and tan pods. A medium tall bushy plant with 1.0 field emergence rating (the highest), the K gene for phytopthora resistance, and a 2.2 cyst rating. This bean is 2,720 seeds per pound or 51.5 lbs per 140K unit. $43.00 per unit.

Seed Treatment
  We can treat your seed with Captan, ApronMax, CruiserMaxxPak, and Optimize by request. Please see the separate treatment page. Please order treated seed by March 15, 2019. Treated seed is not returnable, so be sure of the quantity needed when ordering.


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