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Sunburst Red Wheat Sunburst Red Wheat

Sunburst is a mid-maturing non-bearded variety with short straw and excellent straw strength to prevent lodging. In the 2008 Ohio Wheat Performance Results, Sunburst had an average yield of 88.8 bu./acre. Sunburst was the 2nd place yielding wheat in the 2009 MSU wheat trials. Sunburst has excellent test weight with one load from our farm delivered to Jasper at 64.3 lbs. Excellent winter hardiness, and a very good disease package including stripe rust resistance. Small seeded this year at 16,500 average seeds per pound; $14.25 per 60 lbs.

Red Dragon Red Dragon

A high yielding release in Michigan in 2014. Red Dragon is a medium-tall non-bearded red wheat with very good standability, leaf blotch and yellow dwarf virus ratings. About 8" taller than the Sunburst but lighter in test weight. The Red Dragon was the first place wheat in the 2013 Michigan High Management Wheat Trials at 123.4 bu/acre. 15,000 average seeds per pound, $16.25 per 60 lbs.

Harpoon Brand Red Wheat Harpoon Brand Red Wheat

New in '17, Harpoon wheat was developed as an early maturing wheat best suited for use with double-cropped soybeans. Yield is very close to or the same as current wheats, but the test weight is lighter at 56-57 lbs. Harpoon wheat can mature 5 or 6 days earlier than most varieties in this area. MCIA Harpoon is resistant to Stripe rust, leaf and stem rust and fusiarum head blight. It is moderately resistant to powdery mildew, BYDV, and SBMV. 14,600 average seeds per pound, $16.50 per 60 lbs.

Wheat Treatment
  All varieties are treated with Warden Cereals II for 2018. There is a 50ยข discount for bulk orders of 100 bu or more loaded directly in to your container at processing time. These prices subject to change with the CBT wheat market.


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