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CruiserMaxx Pak
  CruiserMaxxPak is a soybean seed treatment that combines the fungicides Apron and Maxim plus the systemic insecticide Cruiser. This combination provides virtually complete protection of the soybean plant during the most important part of the growing cycle. CruiserMaxx shows an economical return on investment in years of low insect pressure, and has shown a yield increase as high as 14 bu/acre in high insect years. This treatment usually eliminates the need for over-the-top insecticide sprays later in the season. Custom applied to your soybean order at $8.50 per unit.


  For soybeans, Optimize┬« is the modern replacement for the black Nitagin bacterium. Effective for 120 days after application, it provides an enhanced root system, earlier nodulation, better plant vigor and is claimed by the maker to increase yields by an average of 3.5 bu/acre. The extra nitrogen produced by the increased nodules will also carryover for use in the following year's corn crop. Custom application to your order is $4.00 per unit. Recommended to be combined with the ApronMax or CruiserMaxx insecticide/fungicide.


Apron Max
  ApronMax is a low cost fungicide combination of Apron and Maxim which effectively controls seedling fungi including pythium, fusarium, rhizoctonia, sclerotinia and seedling phytopthora. Highly recommended for early planting of soybeans in cold wet conditions. Custom applied to your order at $2.50 per unit. PLEASE ORDER TREATED SEED BY MARCH 10, 2018.


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